Hi I’m Clarissa.

What am I known for? Well, this one time I went to Yale University. I guess that is what I should type here. I once was a carpenter. I’m married to one successful dude… I speak my mind.

First and foremost, I’m a creator. And by creator I mean, I’m a Mom.

I’m addicted to cold brew, working out, rapidly responding to emails [but not texts], my husband’s hugs and quick transformations.

At 31, I’m finally loving my life. After surviving various traumas throughout childhood, adolescence and early adulthood– I’ve entered my 30s knowing exactly what type of I shit I can and cannot tolerate.

I fear that I incorrectly use commas regularly.

I hope that I am:

  • a good friend
  • someone who listens when people need it most
  • a change agent
  • not the status quo.


I once thought the butt of a dog was it’s face.

I pronounced the word “whoa” incorrectly for a while. Elementary school was brutal.

On construction sites, my Dad and I would team carry something that was extremely light…and act like it was heavy.

Let’s build something together.